My Toddler Loves to Dance to Justin Timberlake

I have to admit, I have a problem with dancing… I grew up dancing, and while I can’t say that my skills were worth anything greater than a few “gold metals” that cost a tiny fraction of the entry fees (and thousands of rhinestones) for those dance competitions, I still LOVE to dance. I can’t help myself. If I hear a good song I start to move, even if I’m in public.

When I became a mom, I was worried I would end up embarrassing my son with my spontaneous boogieing …but as it turns out, he is IN. It helps that I have a super cool husband who not only tolerates it, but is often the instigator. Dance parties are a regular thing at our house. We even have these awesome bluetooth lightbulb speakers – the lights actually change colors and “dance” to the rhythm of the music. Yep. We are nerds. But we have a LOT of fun.

When I first heard Justin Timberlake’s new song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” I downloaded it immediately. I LOVE JT, and finding out that my (then future) husband was known to get down to “Sexy Back,” and then seeing it in person, is definitely part of what made me fall head over heels for him.. So it’s only appropriate that the other love of my life should have his own JT theme song!

So here is my 2-year-old, who just Can’t Stop the Feeling!

One thought on “My Toddler Loves to Dance to Justin Timberlake

  1. Radley is so adorable! Enjoy it now because when he gets older you’re going to see the eye rolls and etc. when he sees you dancing . My boys are older and I have been known to dance my butt off while I’m in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes. One time I forgot to close the kitchen curtains and my boys were in the backyard with their friends and they all saw me dancing. My boys told me mom close the curtains the next time! That’s embarrassing!!!! P.s. I love being able to share my motherhood experiences with you! I have been through every stage! Currently going through the preteen attitudes. Joshua is going to be a teenager in July and Junior is 10. So I have two preteens and the 12-year-old is the one driving me crazy right now! He is a mama’s boy. Even holds my hand in public but that attitude of his! Ugh!!!!!

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