Thinkbaby +50 Sunscreen

Summer is here, so I’m going to give you the perfect SUNSCREEN!!! I am a pale girl who has to be very diligent about sun protection, and I’ve tried most of the “safe” sunscreens out there…

This is one of those products that has driven me nuts – I hate the chemicals in sunscreens as much as those cancer-causing rays, especially when it comes to my baby! I also have no desire so smear something the consistency of car grease on myself or my child. Equally yucky is that thick white paste! EWG (Environmental Working Group) is a great resource for clean products, but it can also be a bit of worm-hole – the long list of recommended sunscreens may be safe, but that doesn’t make them user friendly.

After trying a TON of different products, I finally found Thinksport +50 sunscreen! I use it for my kiddo, and for myself, and it is AWESOME. It’s not greasy, smelly, pastey or sticky, it’s got broad-spectrum coverage, high SPF, is water resistant, and is free of all the nasty toxic crap! You can also pick up Thinkbaby +50 for the littler ones (although my understanding is they are essentially the exact same product, in different packaging). I love this stuff, and I think you will too.

For those of you pale mamas (like me) out there, make sure to check out the amazing self-tanner I recently recommended on this FAVE 5 list- so you can be safe and tan at the same time! Woot!!