Hallmark Interactive Books


These books take reading to your kid to a whole new level! Once you turn one of these “Be a Part of the Story” books on, and start reading, it will actually respond to your words, and even let you make choices about what the characters in the book are going to do!

My mother-in-law sent us Batman and the Fun House Jewelry Heist (this one is currently out of stock, you may have to search ebay!) even before my son was born….and we were blown away! In the case of these books, “interactive,” does not mean “more work for the parents” – no reading along with a cd (who has a cd player anymore??) or pushing a bunch of sound effects buttons… You just READ, and it RESPONDS!! Your kid can decide whether Batman takes the door or the window, or if the train should take the green or blue track! My son has loved these since he was tiny, and at almost 3 continues to request one every night. They would also make great gifts! So go ahead and help out a train conductor, explore with Jake, or hang with a Fairy Godmother…tons of options! These are a guaranteed HIT with kids and parents!!