FAA Cares Harness


I travel with my kid. Like a LOT. When he was tiny he traveled as a lap child (if you need some tips, check out my video on traveling with baby). When he got a little bigger, I panicked – we have the heaviest car seatever. Now I LOVE this car seat, but part of what makes it safe is that it is steel-enforced and weights 30++ pounds. It would have been really interesting to see me trying to hoist that thing onto a plane WHILE carrying a child!

When I did a little research I found the most awesome thing: the FAA-approved Cares Harness.

It’s the bomb (yes, sometimes I say the bomb). It’s about the size of a seatbelt, and turns any airplane seat into 5-point harness! It’s super easy to use – you just slip it over the back of the seat and then run it through the plane’s seat belt, and boom!

It works for kids who are at least one-year-old, weigh 22-44 pounds, and up to 40 inches….ideal for around ages 1-4, depending on your child’s size. Check out all the specs here.