Beauty by Earth Organic Self-Tanner


Okay, well, maybe dads want to have a nice glow, too? I’m not judging! But needless to say this is an addition for the parents, and is all about lookin good! 😉

Let’s be honest, as parents, it can be really hard to feel like a human being – my husband recently pointed out that I live in workout clothes. I’ve been working on that…at least they’re Lululemon and not some random baggy semi-clean sweats like the first year of my son’s life! Baby steps.. Anyhow, summer is here folks. For most of us, our bodies are a constant work in progress. For the others of you – we hate you. I kid. But no matter what, it feels good to be tan!! Or at least to not see-through. Back in the day, I had the luxury of getting spray tans, or airbrush tans, or maybe even laying in the sun! But between the cost, the time, and the potential skin cancer, that is a thing of the past.

For a while, I tried some at-home tanners that either left me orange, or were super messy and turned me AND my sheets and hands the color of dirt… then I tried the lotions that claim to give a “glow,” and by glow they just mean they’ll do nothing except be a lotion that smells faintly like BO.

It turns out self-tanning products have come a LONG way in the past couple years, and I found the holy grail of self-tanners. My criteria was that it had to give me a nice, natural, yet SEE-ABLE color, be easy to apply, smell decent, and not be filled with toxic chemicals (cause at that point, why not just lay in the sun?). Well here it is – Beauty by Earth Organic Self Tanner. It’s amazing. I put it on after my shower just like regular lotion, wash my hands, and voila! For my face, I mix a little in with my moisturizer. The color is build-able, so you can use it a few days in a row for a deeper tan, and maintain by using it a couple times a week. A bottle is less than the cost of one spray tan. So now I can go outside in shorts without blinding people, and I’ll feel a little better when I find myself in a bikini, cause at least my love handles are tan!!