Mom Recommends

I’m always on the lookout for things that will make life easier…I mean, we all are, right? But I am a straight up Google addict. While it’s slightly embarrassing to admit, Googling is my binge-watching. I’ll spend hours researching the most random stuff. I LOVE it. I come by it honest – my dad is an innately curious person and learning is his religion.  You can find a stack of books taller than my kid by his favorite chair at all times, and he always has the answers to ANYTHING you could want to know.

I’m getting off topic, but all of that to say that my inheritance of my dad’s insatiable curiosity has meant that I’ve developed some Nancy Drew-level Google skills over the years. The answers are at my finger tips. It’s dangerous. What that means for this page is I have spent a TON of time researching the BEST products – mostly for the kiddos, but also some things for moms, dads, and life in general.

So check out the products below for my current must-haves! And let me know if you have some that I haven’t discovered yet!

Daily SPF for your FACE: Elta UV Clear SPF 46

Since I recently recommended a sunscreen that I am currently loving, I thought I would add another sun protection product… daily spf for your FACE! It’s another tricky one. You don’t want it to be thick or greasy, it needs to go on easily, and get well absorbed, so that you can go about putting makeup […]

Thinkbaby +50 Sunscreen

Summer is here, so I’m going to give you the perfect SUNSCREEN!!! I am a pale girl who has to be very diligent about sun protection, and I’ve tried most of the “safe” sunscreens out there…

FAA Cares Harness

TRAVELING WITH THE LITTLE ONES: FAA CARES HARNESS I travel with my kid. Like a LOT. When he was tiny he traveled as a lap child (if you need some tips, check out my video on traveling with baby). When he got a little bigger, I panicked – we have the heaviest car seatever. Now […]

Hallmark Interactive Books

THE BEST BOOKS! HALLMARK INTERACTIVE STORYBOOKS These books take reading to your kid to a whole new level! Once you turn one of these “Be a Part of the Story” books on, and start reading, it will actually respond to your words, and even let you make choices about what the characters in the book […]

Beauty by Earth Organic Self-Tanner

JUST FOR THE MOMS: BEAUTY BY ORGANIC EARTH SELF TANNER Okay, well, maybe dads want to have a nice glow, too? I’m not judging! But needless to say this is an addition for the parents, and is all about lookin good! 😉

Water Wow & Color Wonder

MESS-FREE PLAY: WATER WOW & COLOR WONDER I do a lot of my work from home, which means I sometimes need to entertain a kid for a bit…I start to feel really guilty if I put him in front of the TV or on the iPad for very long. These items are amazing for letting […]

Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock

FOR THE LOVE OF SLEEP: TEACH ME TIME TALKING ALARM CLOCK When my nephew started waking up at odd hours, my sister came up with a great solution! She found this awesome kid’s alarm clock… the Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock is a super cute clock for kiddos, and includes an interactive game that […]