I’m A Horrible Mom!

Well, it’s official…I’m a horrible mom. I’m worse than every mom I know. Oh, and everything is my fault, obviously! My baby keeps spitting up – it’s gotta be the string cheese I can’t seem to give up! He bonked his head? I wasn’t paying enough attention!! Diaper rash again!?? The baby products I picked out must not have been organic enough!!! He’s looking a little wobbly? It’s the half-a-glass-okay-maybe-it-was-a-whole-glass-of-wine-my-baby-is-gonna-be-drunk-ohNOOOOO!!!!

I’ve done this since my son was born. Probably before, if I factor in the blame I laid on myself when I was pregnant. Like that time I read about shining a flashlight on my belly to get the baby to move, and was delighted for 30 seconds but then decided I’d blinded him. Or when I tripped into the corner of a table and was convinced I gave him brain damage. And how could I forget the HUGE blame for my body deciding it did NOT want to go into labor- yep…the dreaded c-section. See? The. Worst.

Cut to now. I have an almost 10-month-old little boy – and he is EVERYWHERE. (He also happens to be my everything. Duh) Now, as you all know, it’s impossible to get anything done with a baby around. Whether you need to get work done or just take a shower for god’s sake, it can be virtually impossible.

So here is my current confession (gulp)…. I let my son watch TV (braces for objects being thrown at head). Not every day, but some days, it’s a lot. I’m not talking 12 hours, but he has, on occasion, watched 3 episodes of Dora in a row. If I have work to complete and I’m on a deadline, sometimes it’s just the only fail-proof way to entertain him for long enough! If we have GOT to get out the door and I’m hoping to take OFF my pajama pants have my teeth brushed. If we are out at dinner and he has a melt down…well, you get the point. The iPad has magical powers. It happens. So there it is.

Please don’t hate ya’ll, if you’ve read this far – you already know I beat myself up for this. The title of this post is already playing in my head on a loop…so you don’t have slap me on the hand, or give me the research. I tell myself he’s learning Spanish, and try to live with it.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ve all done it. Maybe not the iPad thing, but I think every mom or dad has a dirty little secret or two or five about their parenting style. So I challenge you to fess up to one of yours. You don’t have to give away the whole kit and caboodle, but if you’ve got one you’re willing to share, maybe we can all take a little parent-guilt break for a second. Maybe we can help each other take a deep breath and go…well at LEAST I don’t [insert someone’s else’s indiscretion]!!

Okay – GO!

P.S. If you choose to comment, please be supportive. Not judge-y. KTHANKSBYE!

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