A Positive Mess – My Missed Miscarriage Story

I had never heard the term “missed miscarriage” until the words came out of my ob/gyn’s mouth. It was a Thursday, I was in my 9th week of pregnancy, and I’d just had an ultrasound that revealed sad news. There was no heartbeat. I should have miscarried. Possibly even many weeks earlier… but my body didn’t get the message. It kept right on increasing my HCG, my boobs, and my excitement. It was a cruel trick.

My sleepy husband and cutie pie son on Father’s day, with the hoodie we would eventually use to reveal our news…

A little backstory. I am lucky to be mommy to (biased parent warning) the cutest little 4-year-old in the world. And he was a total surprise! But there is no doubt that he was right on time. With my first pregnancy, I didn’t even know I was pregnant until about 8 weeks. I mistook implantation bleeding along with a small placental tear for a light period, and it wasn’t until the nonstop nausea started that I got suspicious. So, at that very first visit, just days after learning I was pregnant, I got to hear his little heartbeat, and take home a picture that looked like a peanut inside of an oval. A surprise pregnancy came with it’s own set of hurdles, but we were very lucky we got to skip all of the fertility stress that first time around. Our baby was healthy and perfect.

Since almost the moment our son came into the world, my husband and I have known we want to give him a sibling. For a bunch of reasons (the most recent delay being travel to dang Zika regions!), we chose to wait a while between kiddos. But the thing is, I suffer from this thing called “advanced maternal age,” and apparently my condition is only getting worse!? So we figured we better get on it. This past February I had the goalie pulled, we received the most surprising box of swag ever – a box of ovulation and pregnancy tests from Clearblue (no pressure! But also…thank you!), and got to trying.

Our awesome Clearblue goodies!

Having never “tried” before, I thought it would be fun! Oh, boy. Anyone who has been through this knows it is NOT. It was stressful almost immediately. I will admit I had an argument with a digital ovulation stick that claimed I was having a “low fertility” day. It was very one-sided. I said some things I shouldn’t have. But it turns out I just started testing too late in my cycle, and we made up the very next day when said stick showed “peak.” I told my husband to COME HOME NOW in a scary voice. And just a couple weeks later I saw a very faint line pop up next to the control. I was pregnant!

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Father’s Day Cheat Sheet – Straight from a DAD!

darth vader toasterFather’s day is almost upon us! We’ve got a little over a week to figure out something awesome for the men in our lives…

I think we can all agree to go with something he WANTS, not something he NEEDS, right? I realize his socks may have morphed into yoga-toe socks… or your kid has used scotch tape to patch a hole in his underwear… but save that stuff for your next Target run, and get him something FUN.

I could give you ideas for days, but what better place to get advice than straight from the source!? Well, we are in lucky, cause my husband put together a CHEAT SHEET! A definitive guide to what guys REALLY want for Father’s Day, straight from the hubby’s mouth…er…fingertips…

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Kickass SPF for your FACE!

EltaSince I recently recommended a sunscreen that I am currently loving, I thought I would add another sun protection product… daily spf for your FACE! It’s another tricky one. You don’t want it to be thick or greasy, it needs to go on easily, and get well absorbed, so that you can go about putting makeup on like it was never there! Well here you go: Elta UV Clear. It’s got SPF 46, is oil-free, it goes on super light, and you will LOVE it. This recommendation was straight from my dermatologist, due to it’s safe ingredients and excellent coverage. She advised me to add it to my daily skin care regimen and I took that advice to heart- I’ve used it every day for the past 2 years, and I am hooked! It has worked for me not only on a day-to-day basis, but on vacation when I am out on the beach in the blazing sun all day. There is also a tinted version (that I own as well), for days when I want to go makeup-free, but still want a little something to even out my skin tone.

Rolling is Underrated!

We’re currently living in a furnished sublet with most of our stuff in storage, so we’ve gotten creative about toys and activities for our kiddo. Well, as it turns, for all the time and money we’ve spent finding cool things to do that he will enjoy, his current fave is right outside and totally free….

I highly recommend doing this – he LOVED it, and had a REALLY good nap after all that hiking back uphill!

P.S. He calls this set of hills the “booty hills,” cause….well he’s right, they look like a booty.

My Toddler Loves to Dance to Justin Timberlake

I have to admit, I have a problem with dancing… I grew up dancing, and while I can’t say that my skills were worth anything greater than a few “gold metals” that cost a tiny fraction of the entry fees (and thousands of rhinestones) for those dance competitions, I still LOVE to dance. I can’t help myself. If I hear a good song I start to move, even if I’m in public.

When I became a mom, I was worried I would end up embarrassing my son with my spontaneous boogieing …but as it turns out, he is IN. It helps that I have a super cool husband who not only tolerates it, but is often the instigator. Dance parties are a regular thing at our house. We even have these awesome bluetooth lightbulb speakers – the lights actually change colors and “dance” to the rhythm of the music. Yep. We are nerds. But we have a LOT of fun.

When I first heard Justin Timberlake’s new song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” I downloaded it immediately. I LOVE JT, and finding out that my (then future) husband was known to get down to “Sexy Back,” and then seeing it in person, is definitely part of what made me fall head over heels for him.. So it’s only appropriate that the other love of my life should have his own JT theme song!

So here is my 2-year-old, who just Can’t Stop the Feeling!

5 FAVES: These are a Few of My FAVORITE Things

Yes, I am a geek for The Sound of Music. So please, say that title with a tune in your head… But I’m also a geek for AWESOME STUFF!!! So I thought I would share 5 things I am currently loving – I’ve found them to be things I can no longer live without. And they’re not all for the kiddos! There is a MUST HAVE product for Mom on there too! Check them out, let me know your thoughts, and please share the things you are loving right now, too!!



I travel with my kid. Like a LOT. When he was tiny he traveled as a lap child (if you need some tips, check out my video on traveling with baby). When he got a little bigger, I panicked – we have the heaviest car seat ever. Now I LOVE this car seat, but part of what makes it safe is that it is steel-enforced and weights 30++ pounds. It would have been really interesting to see me trying to hoist that thing onto a plane WHILE carrying a child!

When I did a little research I found the most awesome thing: the FAA-approved Cares Harness. It’s the bomb (yes, sometimes I say the bomb). It’s about the size of a seatbelt, and turns any airplane seat into 5-point harness! It’s super easy to use – you just slip it over the back of the seat and then run it through the plane’s seat belt, and boom!

It works for kids who are at least one-year-old, weigh 22-44 pounds, and up to 40 inches….ideal for around ages 1-4, depending on your child’s size. Check out all the specs here.

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Only in Your Toddler Dreams

rad sleeping

It happened. The creepy moment I’d been anticipating since we switched to a big-boy bed….I awoke in the middle of the night to my 2-year-old standing still as a statue beside my bed, staring at me. He reached out his little hand, zombie-style, and said “kiss it.” I asked what happened and he said matter-of-factly “a horse bit it.” As I hugged him and led him back to his room, he forcefully stopped me and said “Mommy, I do NOT want that horse to come back.”

I recently learned that nightmares peak at age 2-4. It makes sense – at this age, everything is changing, from speaking in words instead of cries, to pooping in giant vats of spinning water instead of the much less scary diapers… not to mention sorting through which of your cute little cartoon friends are going to suddenly appear before you in massive-3D-real-life form (ie: Santa, Mickey, etc). It’s a lot.

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Toddler Songs: A 2-year-old makes up his own lyrics!

I’m a singer song-writer, so imagine my delight when my kiddo started matching pitches and making up his own lyrics to the songs he knows!! This is the first time I have captured the magic on camera…

For now, his songs all go to tune of the Spongebob Squarepants theme song, and include lyrics that give a nod to his potty-training-in-progress status… So, yeah, a lot of pee and poo. And a phone. Cause…phones. But I’d say it’s a solid start! #nailingit



My C-Section (Cesarean) at 41 weeks. A No Labor Baby Birth Story!

I asked my husband to sit down with me to talk about my birth story (it’s fun to have his perspective, too, right?)! I had a planned, but not elective, c-section at 41 weeks pregnant, due to ZERO labor!  No contractions, no dilation, no effacement, and a baby who refused to drop and was measuring BIG….

I feel like there is a lack of information out there about what to expect when you have a c-section – my birth classes simply talked about how to avoid them! I definitely appreciate that, but also feel like it’s nice to be prepared for anything….so I’ve opened up about my journey, and tried to include the most relevant information! (So that I didn’t have to subject you to a 45 minute video!!)

From the pregnancy and decision to have a c-section, to the procedure itself and recovery (including placenta encapsulation), here is the story of how our baby came out! 😉 He was born on June 21st, 2013 –  8lbs 2oz, 21 inches of perfection!

Please let me know if you have any questions about my experience, and we’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!