And…we’re walking! Flashback to Baby’s First Steps.

At 18 months, my child is climbing EVERYTHING. At any given moment I will find him standing on the entertainment center, scaling a bookshelf, or balancing on top of our amazon packages…

I was remembering the good ole days when I could lay him on a mat, and would just stay put! smile emoticon But it got me thinking about this proud moment – we caught his first steps on camera!

Did you catch any milestone moments on camera?? Please share!!

What’s in My (Mommy) Bag!?

Remember the days of cute little clutch purses….they held a credit card, a $20 bill, some lipgloss and maybe, just maybe your cell. Once I became a mom that went out the window! I needed space for all kinds of thing I NEVER thought I would carry around on a daily basis! And not only that, what used to be organized to a ridiculous degree, is now a big blob of who knows what in the bottom of a cavernous pit that I call a purse – but let’s face it, it’s really just a glorified diaper bag.

A close friend called me out on the current state of my purse, and here are the results….

What’s in YOUR mom bag?