Hi My Name is Dad

Dad’s don’t always get the credit they deserve cause they don’t necessarily do things the way, well, mom would… But I am constantly amazed and impressed by the love, energy, and creativity that the dads around me parent with, from my own dad, to friends who are dads, to my very own baby-daddy!

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there!!

And with that, I give you…Hi My Name Is Dad.

Crap! I don’t have a Father’s Day gift!


Men aren’t the only ones who forget special occasions…I had a big ole fiancee fail when I didn’t do anything for the first anniversary of our engagement, and Ty had all kinds of things planned! If you’re in a pinch, here are a few last minute ideas for the hubby/baby-daddy/dad/grandpa in your life!

Two words – Best. Buy. You can pick up almost anything, big or small, and score. From a new tv to awesome headphones, walkie talkies to video games. Anything will do. Cause if he hates it he can exchange it and have endless options. I got a package from Amazon yesterday, and when Ty found out I’d ordered a flash drive, he was totally jealous. A flash drive? Not exciting to me, but he is a man, so there ya go.

A subscription to Mental Floss Magazine. This magazine is jam-packed with random, interesting, and hilarious knowledge. Pick up the current issue at a news stand (or one of the many great books they have out) to go along with a note about the subscription.

A remote control helicopter. The ones you see at the kiosks in the mall, with some kid flying them around? Yes. You can’t go wrong with this. They even make dueling versions for a great father/son option.

This underwater pogo stick is also kinda awesome. Just saying.

What NOT to get?? Something that is really for YOU. Nose hair trimmers, cologne, a polo shirt, an apron. Unless you want an iron for Mother’s Day next year… (guys, if you really do want an apron, I’m sorry for screwing this up for you).

If all else fails- it’s Sunday morning and you’re completely screwed – get the kids to help with a homemade card, make some pancakes, and head out for an adventure. The park, mini-golf, batting cages, a sitter and beers. We won’t tell that you didn’t plan it in advance…

Please share what you got, and add your own ideas. Or, if you are a dad, call me out if this list sucks. I’m speculating here, as I am not actually a dad. Which I’m hoping was obvious from the title of this blog.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there!!!